Work with me


 Here is a list of my charges


 1-1 sessions lasting up to one hour - £65.00 - to pay, click the 'Buy Now' button


 3 sessions paid in advance - £200.00 - to pay, click the 'Buy Now' button


 Public talks - £300.00  + travel expenses


 Intensive Hypnotherapy Diploma Course - Registration £1300.00


Check out my workshops and ongoing courses for details and prices.


 I accept cheques, cash and all major credit cards

Naturally, I  enjoy meeting new people.


However, if you have never met me before and are unsure of whether I can help you, I am offering twenty minutes of the first session FREE.  If, after that, you decide that I cannot help you, there is no charge - no obligation.


If you decide to stay, then I charge you for the full session.


My experience has shown that normally, three to four sessions are enough to clear most issues.  I say this because I want you to become 'Self Empowered'.  By that I mean, I want you to take back control of YOUR life and I can show you many ways for you to do that.


I welcome telephone enquiries.  Call me anytime from


9.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.


07443 495050


01309 651382

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