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Most people have an opinion on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  They seem to think that it is 'mind control' under the guise of therapy.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  


Put very simply, Hypnosis is 'suggestions made to the subconscious mind while under the influence of trance'.  We have all been in trance at various times of the day.  When you sit or stand staring into space and your mind is miles away, you are in a mild state of trance.  You have most likely been imagining a scenario that you have experienced in the past or one that you foresee in the future.  You can also be aware of how this experience can affect your emotional condition in the present moment.


So, if I use hypnosis with a client, I will be inducing a trance and making positive and healthy suggestions to their subconscious mind.  Clinical Hypnosis is only ever used to improve the emotional state of a client.  It cannot be used to manipulate or control someone's mind.

"Is it dangerous?" you may ask.  The simple answer is 'NO'.  You cannot be 'left in trance'.  Similar to sleep, you cannot be 'made ' to stay asleep. If the therapist was to fall ill or leave the client for a period of time, the client would automatically come out of trance.  One has to be kept in trance by using suggestions etc.  


"Are the results permanent?".  Yes, it can be.  For best results, hypnosis needs to be re-enforced.  By this I mean, the suggestions often need to be repeated over two or three sessions in order for the suggestions to be effective, in the same way we learn any new skill or task.


"Can anyone be hypnotised?".  You cannot hypnotise someone who resists or doesn't want to be hypnotised.  Otherwise, a good Hypnotist could walk into a bank, hypnotise the teller and demand money - not possible, believe me, I tried and it didn't work (only joking).


"How many sessions would I need?".  It depends on the issue, however, my experience  has shown that three sessions is sufficient for most issues.

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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy ?