"I had arrived at what seemed like a brick wall and had to find some of making changes.  It felt like my life depended on it (and maybe it did)?


The prospect of handling the whole malarkey alone was too daunting to contemplate however, so I tried to track down a professional therapist – call it ‘Life Coach’ if you will – to be best suited to the task in hand.  

Luck, fate, the internet (or all three) brought me to Bill Kerins.


Bill quickly drilled down on the big issues, and how I might go about implementing the changes needed.

There is no price that I can put on those early sessions with Bill and the progress that we made together.


The clouds lifted early."


 Bob – Glasgow

p.s. "Its also enjoyable".

Hi Bill,


Just to say that I have very much enjoyed the course today.  I feel you are very good at sharing and passing on your knowledge and experience in an interesting and engaging way.


Also, you were absolutely right - I feel we got a lot more than only EFT!!!! A lot of what you mentioned had personal relevance for my life at this moment in time and has been very helpful for me.


Thank you very much!!!


Ivonne Iser (Kairos Therapist)



Your course has been fantastic! It has given me so much more than I could have hoped for and I am really going to miss taking part every month. As well as learning many, many useful, practical things, you've shown me new and interesting ways to look at things, and we've enjoyed a good laugh along the way. Learning with you has been great fun ... and enlightening. (and you can quote me on that!)


Thank you so much Bill, I appreciate everything you've done and wish you much success.


I look forward to seeing you again soon."



Tel. 01309 651 382   Email. info@masteryourworld.co.uk

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These are genuine testimonials

"There are many courses available where you will be taught the mechanics of hypnosis / hypnotherapy, but this course will give you so much more. Bill has a great deal of insight into human behaviour, which he shares with his students with a generosity of spirit, sensitivity and good humour. If you are looking for a common sense, yet loving approach to helping yourself and others, I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a therapist, and a teacher."






"In the search for a bonafide training company (or trainer) all the important things need to check out. Bill Kerins scores top marks on all counts. The next requirement is to spend time with the trainer to learn their style, approach and professionalism. Again, Bill can't be bettered. I made the best choice for my training and I expect you will too. I have subsequently gone on to establish a successful practice under his expert professional guidance".


Scott Patrick Brady

"Learning and studying in the tranquil  surroundings provided me with a deeper insight in the power of our unconscious. I have grown spiritually in my personal and professional life and would recommend this course of study to anyone."


Sandra Toyer

"Just landed safe and sound back in Switzerland, and wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for such an enlightening and life-changing course. I really did love the entire experience. The sense of achievement I felt driving away on Monday was so empowering, and I can’t wait to use all the techniques I’ve learnt to help give that same feeling of empowerment to other people.


An equally big thank you to both you and Pat, on a personal level, for welcoming me so warmly into your home and lives. You made me feel so at ease, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the generosity of spirit that you both constantly exude."