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In golf, there is so much talk about 'getting your head around the game' and 'being in the right mindset', but that is often where the conversation ends.  It is as though 'getting your head' around anything is a difficult thing to achieve.  It can  be a lot easier than you think.  Very often, what you need is a little coaching and support.


          MASTER MIND GOLF COACHING fills that need !!


MASTER MIND GOLF COACHING is not about teaching you how to play golf - or any other game.  It is about gaining control over the emotions and mental blocks that prevent you from performing at your best.  All sport was designed to help relieve stress and boredom.  Why should it become the opposite?  Now you can become part of the 'elite' who play well and, more importantly, consistently.


Within a short period you can learn how:


. to reduce your score average by 5 shots

. to compete at local, national or international level without fear or anxiety

. to enjoy every game without feeling as if you have to perform

. to play with consistency



By using a combination of Mind Factor techniques, visualisations and EFT  which I call 'MASTER MIND Golf Coaching' you can be the sports person you wish to be.

There is a ‘Master Your World’ program to improve whatever area or level of sport you are involved in.


I am privileged to have been trained by leading golf coach Dr.Karl Morris who has coached many of the top professional golfers of recent times e.g.  Darren Clarke and Louis Oosthuizen.


Quite honestly, I couldn't have been trained by someone better who has his finger on the pulse of golf and other sports.


If you would like more information about how you can benefit from MASTER MIND Golf Coaching call (01360 449206) or email me -

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I Don't Teach You How To Play Golf - I Teach You How To Play BETTER.