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The content of the course is the result of many years experience addressing physical and emotional issues that arise in an individual’s life.  Many people go through life without ever considering an alternative way of living or being.  Many are not clear about their desires and ambitions.  They content themselves with paying the bills and ‘managing’ to keep alive.  Many have switched off their sense of personal well-being and muddle along with no clear direction.


As a Kerinsian Life Coach, you will have the unique opportunity and privilege to enter the world of your client and help his/her personal life e.g. career, relationships, finances and health & wellbeing.  


All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a desire to help others.


If you miss a class, don’t worry, you can catch up later when you download the session.


With our training you will be able to assess the situation, design a plan, review the results and really help your client to make the most of his/her life.


Divided into four separate units, the course will provide all the necessary information and tools that will help you help others to transform their lives.



BONUS !!   Without any further study, you will begin to expand your own sense of self -awareness and personal development.  You will notice that you are dropping old negative habits and behaviours.  You will find that your perception of life has changed for the better.


As a Kerinsian Life Coach student, you will be part of an on-line group of no more than ten students.  



Here are your commitments/requirements as a student of this unique group.


•Attend a two-hour, once a week on-line class.  The time of the class will be regular and in the evening to facilitate those who work during the day.  The course runs for 40 weeks to ensure integration and understanding.


•Attend a twice monthly 30-minute one to one on-line meeting with your tutor.  This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and integrate the course content.


•Complete on-going Assignments throughout the course.  This will meet the Learning Outcome requirements of the course.


•Carry out role-play interviews; sessions; self-assessments and reports throughout the course.  This helps with gaining experience and revealing your strengths and weaknesses.




This course is a fully accredited qualification approved by The Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)













 The cost of the Course is: £2450.00:

  Payments are made as follows:


 £1,000.00 on registration - followed by £1,000.00 at the start of the course -  followed by £450.00 at the start      of week four


 Total - £2,450.00


 This covers all tuition, manuals, assessments, certification and exam fees


 Full payment at registration will be accepted if you prefer.  We accept all major credit cards, cheques, or direct bank payments.


 If you are not accepted onto the course or if the course is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.  


 No refunds are issued after the start of the course.


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Are you ready to step up and make a difference?


Have you got something to offer humanity?


Do you care about the well-being of others?


Would you like to learn in the comfort of your own home?

Kerinsian Life Coaching Training Program

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Be the very best you can be

Learn to help others while empowering yourself at the same time.


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