We offer a comprehensive package.


If you would like to learn at a pace that suits you, then our Intensive Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is for you.  The training is delivered over a four to five month period of time with time for integration, study and practise.  


Only a small number of students are registered for each program to ensure personal attention and continuous assessment


During the course we gently and slowly increase your knowledge base and confidence as well as develop your skills as a therapist and hypnotist


The course has been approved by The National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) and accredited by The Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)


The NCH is an approved NCFE centre. The HPD has been accredited by NCFE to guarantee that it is of a high standard and the course content meets the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation.


During the course you will learn:


The core curriculum of the National Council for Hypnotherapists, which entitles you to use the letters CH and HPD after your name.  


The program will enable you to integrate the elements of the course and help you set up and run a successful practise.  


Ongoing assessment is carried out throughout the course to maintain a high standard of learning.  


The HPD portfolio is set by The National Council for Hypnotherapy to be completed during the course and handed in to the school at the end of the   course.  


This  includes:    


A question paper, vignettes, personal philosophy and a recorded CD  


These are required in order to qualify for The  Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)  


A further short question paper is set at the end of the course by The Kerinsian School of Hypnotherapy & EFT to qualify for the Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)      


This course is open to those with an eagerness to develop their personal education.  They will, not only to learn how to hypnotise, counsel and set up and run their own business etc., but also to learn more about themselves.



“It’s like having a Personal Development course included in an interesting, thought provoking, and fun filled program”.  


 "I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about human behaviour and obtain the tools to help make positive changes to peoples lives.”

"There are many courses available where you will be taught the mechanics of hypnosis / hypnotherapy, but this course will give you so much more. Bill has a great deal of insight into human behaviour, which he shares with his students with a generosity of spirit, sensitivity and good humour. If you are looking for a common sense, yet loving approach to helping yourself and others, I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a therapist, and a teacher."



Each class provides ample opportunity to practice the new skills contained within this comprehensive and leading edge Kerinsian approach to modern clinical advanced hypnotherapy.   In addition, the externally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) will be awarded to candidates who successfully complete the portfolio. As we move towards the provision of integrated healthcare, the HPD should prove to be a benchmark qualification. It will be the first hypnotherapy qualification to be recognised within the National Qualifications Framework.  


The venue : Roundwood House, Ardclach, Nairn, Scotland IV12 5JF


Starting: 15th. September 2018 - Interested?  Give Bill a call 0n 07443 495050 / 01309 651382 for a no obligation chat.


The fee:  £3200.00 covers all course materials, certification fees, registration fee, student membership to The National Council for Hypnotherapy.   You can pay by installments if that works better for you e.g. £1000.00 +@1100.00 +£1100.00.


Note:  It does not include Supervision fees or HPD registration fee.


We can offer self catering shared accommodation for up to four students.


Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or credit card.

The course tutor will be: Bill Kerins Dip.CAH  HPD  PNLP  ACPAMT  MNCH(ACC)  BMNGH.


Bill is a Certified Instructor and Board Certified Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists (USA).  He is a registered supervisor for Hypnotherapists and his school is registered with The National Council for Hypnotherapists (UK).  


Please note: Application is not a guarantee of a place on the course and each applicant may be asked to attend an interview prior to the start of the course.  


The Kerinsian School of Hypnotherapy & EFT

"Learning and studying in the tranquil  surroundings provided me with a deeper insight in the power of our unconscious. I have grown spiritually in my personal and professional life and would recommend this course of study to anyone."


Sandra Toyer


"In the search for a bonafide training company (or trainer) all the important things need to check out. Bill Kerins scores top marks on all counts. The next requirement is to spend time with the trainer to learn their style, approach and professionalism. Again, Bill can't be bettered. I made the best choice for my training and I expect you will too. I have subsequently gone on to establish a successful practice under his expert professional guidance"


Scott Patrick Brady