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Intensive Hypnotherapy Diploma Course


Here is an opportunity to add to your existing complementary practice or start a new practice.  The course is accredited by the NCFE and approved by the NCH.


You will be asked to attend an interview before being accepted onto the course.  This can be done in person or on Skype.


If you would like an information pack please contact Bill here.



The Amazing Power of Beliefs


This is a one day course exploring how our belief system affects our daily life and health. When we understand these concepts, we can then do something about it. Every reaction we have to an event will be triggered by a belief e.g. If you hear about a marriage break up, you may feel sad.  This feeling comes from your belief that marriage should be forever.  Other people may not  feel that way.  This may be because they might believe that no one should stay together if they are unhappy.

These feelings are generated by your belief system.


This unique course teaches several techniques that can be used personally and/or with individual clients or small groups. This is particularly ideal to include in corporate training programs. Contact Bill here