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By masteryourworld, Jul 27 2015 09:29AM

Fear is probably the most debilitating emotion we can have. It prevents us from achieving our goals. It prevents us from having fulfilling relationships. It can literally stop us from living our lives to the full. Think about this - where in the world would you really really like to live?. Perhaps the Carribean, or a Greek island or the Swiss alps. Now answer this question without too much thought. Don't filter or rationalise the answer. What is stopping you? 9 times out of 10, or even 99 times out of 100 the answer will look like this - "How would I make a living" or "What if something happened at home, how would I be able to get back" or "How could I afford to buy a house there". When you look at what is happening in your head, you will realise that you are having 'FEAR' thoughts. Our minds work in a form of triangular motion. The triangle is made up of 'THOUGHTS', 'FEELINGS' and 'BEHAVIOURS/ACTIONS'. We can start with a thought that turns into a feeling (Emotion), which in turn, can turn into a behaviour or action. And we can do all of this in an instant AND without even being aware of it. Here is an example:

THOUGHT - "I'd love to leave my lousy job", which can lead to "but maybe I wouldn't be able to pay the rent - FEAR, which can lead to no action at all, which we call 'inaction'.

Here is another one:

THOUGHT - "I'm in a bad relationship which just prevents me from being who I really am", which leads to FEELING powerless, stupid, and leads to lower self-esteem and self-confidence, which leads to "I'll just stay where I am" - inaction.

THOUGHT - "This job is so stressful, I need to find some way to deal with it", which leads to a feeling of inadequecy and impotence - low self-esteem (feeling), which can lead to taking alcohol to boost your self-esteem or numb the pain (behaviour)

How many times have you been in a situation like that? Be honest with yourself.

The truth is- there are only two Emotions, - LOVE and FEAR - every other feeling involves one or the other. Which world do you live in? Our governments need us to live in FEAR. That way, they can control us better. So they feed us with threats of austerity, terrorism, wars, food shortages, health care cutbacks etc. - FEAR. Now, all they have to do in order to control us if we are getting out of hand is to introduce more FEAR - easy.

What would it be like to live in a world of LOVE. I don't mean lovie dovie LOVE with flowers and candles etc., I mean, facing each day with an attitude of -"No matter what happens today, I'm going to find a way to LOVE the experience and learn from it". Do you think it would change your perspective of each and every day - and even better, change your perspective of each and every moment of the day. Try it for a week and let me know what changes you notice. Feel free to place your comments below.

By masteryourworld, Jun 16 2015 03:22PM

I've just been watching a talk by Arnold Schwartznegger about achieving your goals. I'm not a great fan of wrecking your body through lifting weights and taking supplements, but, give Arnie his due, he became Mr Universe, moved to the USA, learned the language,married a Kennedy, became an actor and convinced the Californians to elect him as Governor. He achieved all of this from a belief in himself. He believed that he could anything he put his mind to. He refused to be stopped by those who said it was 'impossible'. I wish I had more of his determination and courage. Well done Arnie.

By the way - I'll be back - now where did I hear that before?

By masteryourworld, Jun 5 2015 01:06PM

Is there something you would like to improve or change in your life? How much effort are you willing to put into it? In my opinion, making changes involves a couple of factors.

1. Be clear about exactly what you want to change

2. Be clear about what the results would look like

3. Consider the effects on those close to you

4. Be consistent. Rome wasn't built in a day.

If you would like some help with making changes - call me 0044 (0)1360 449206.

You will be amazed at how effective we can be by working together.

By masteryourworld, Jun 1 2015 11:58AM

Have you ever experienced something and made an immediate judgement on it and afterwards discovered that everything wasn't as it initially appeared? You then had to make a new judgement. If everything is not always as it appears, I wonder if, as Buddist teachings tell us - everything is an illusion. If that's true, maybe we can make up our own illusion. Is this what we call 'creating our own reality'?

By masteryourworld, May 27 2015 06:45PM

September is a great time to start a new project. Perhaps it has something to do with school term time - a new school year. I firmly believe that we, as human beings, have an inherent desire to learn new skills and attain more and more knowledge. With that in mind and in response to requests, I am starting a new Hypnotherapy Diploma Course on Saturday 19th. September. Do you fancy expanding your knowledge base and challenging yourself to a new venture? Would you like to receive more information? I'm very happy to send you an information pack if you send me your email address - no obligation.

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