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Stress V Relaxation

By masteryourworld, Apr 23 2016 03:51PM

We all have heard of Positive and Negative Stress. I have been reading about the need for us to experience stress - whether it is 'Positive' or 'Negative stress. When we experience stress, our body produces Cortisol which enables us to cope or handle the situation. But what I have just learned is this:

When we produce Cortisol our brain is forced to find new pathways to manage the stress. These are called neural pathways. This is good, as it is similar to exercising muscles in our body, our brain is being exercised, which helps reduce the risk of developing Dementia and other brain disfunctions. Apparently, it also slows down the aging process. I quite like that bit.

Relaxation, on the other hand, is vital to producing Serotonin which contributes to our happiness and well-being. Relaxation also promotes healing - both body and mind. This used to be called 'Convalescence'. When I was a kid my Grandfather was admitted to a Convalescent Home in order to recover from an operation. They don't seem to have any of them anymore - I wonder why?

So, the answer to maintaining a healthy mind and body is to exercise both and then relax both. This is part of the process called 'Mindfulness'. Keeping our bodies and minds healthy and exercised helps us to become more self aware and ultimately happier. Try it - it works.

Apr 26 2016 05:13PM by Jason Bryce

WHAT A NICE READ I I'M KEEPING MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS PERCEIVED OPPORTUNITY (rather than that negative stress.) Thanks Bill, Jason

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