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Gratitude and Manifestation

By masteryourworld, Apr 11 2016 01:06PM

Gratitude or being thankful for something is a beautiful concept, however, it means little or nothing if you don't 'feel' grateful. It's all very fine saying 'Thank You' to a friend or colleague for doing a favour or giving you something, but it has no meaning if there is no feeling behind it. Very often we insist that our children say 'Thank You' to Granny for a present, or we are embarrassed into saying 'Thank You' for something that you don't really value.

'Thank You' are just words - True gratitude it is an emotion.

In The Law of Attraction, one of the steps to attraction is to be grateful for whatever it is you want to manifest - even before it arrives - a difficult concept to get your head around. So, how do we do it?

This is where using our imagination comes into play. Did you know that the human mind cannot tell the difference between 'imagination' and 'reality'? There is no line to cross from when we stop imagining something and actually physically manifesting it. So, we can actually fool our minds into manifesting something by imagining that we already have received it. We do this all the time without realising it. For example, if you were in a dark room and heard a noise, your mind could start imagining that there was someone in the room with you. If you continue to imagine, that feeling of concern or fear would grow into a real feeling. The fear would be real - not just imaginery.

However, we can all tell when someone is really grateful for something we have done and when they are not. If you can recognise the difference, you can tell when you are truly grateful - basically, you 'feel' different. As a short exercise, ask yourself this question - "How grateful do I feel for my health, my living conditions, my friends and family, and my present financial state"? Close your eyes and really feel how grateful you are. When you can feel these emotions, then close your eyes again and imagine the feeling you would have if you manifested something you really wanted in your life. This is one of the steps in manifesting. Here's a photo of someone I'm grateful for. More next week.

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