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By masteryourworld, Apr 18 2016 03:56PM

My topic this week is about 'Forgiveness'. We cannot fully heal from a negative situation without learning to forgive the offending party - "easier said than done", I hear you say . If you have been hurt by someone, the question that's worth asking is - " who am I hurting more by remaining in a place of non-forgiveness"? Very often, our pride or Ego is bruised and we feel that we will never forgive. But holding on to hurt is only continuing to hurt you - not the offender. Whoever has offended you is busy getting on with their lives and probably not even thinking about you or your feelings.

Whenever I have a client who finds it difficult to forgive, I ask "If you are not ready to forgive now, would you be willing to forgive some time in the future"? If the answer is 'Yes', I then ask " when might you be ready and why do you need to wait until then"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to forgive AND forget. You don't have to forget what happened, you only need to forgive, let go and learn from the experience. Forgiving someone for doing something that may have really damaged or hurt you in some way is - in my opinion - the greatest act of compassion and love you can offer that person. Also, by forgiving, you are also forgiving yourself - and that is a great healing tool that you already possess. Remember - LOVE is FORGIVING or LOVE IS FOR GIVING - you decide. Both work for me.

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