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By masteryourworld, Jul 19 2016 11:38AM

Exciting news! I am really delighted to be starting a new clinic in THE DE-STRESS Centre, South Elgin Street, in Clydebank on Thursday 11th. August. I am offering Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life Coaching, NLP and CBT

This is a fabulous new centre. Book NOW to receive a special discount until 30th. September.

The Kerinsian Weight Reduction Program. This program is a four session committment. Normally - £300.00, this special offer is now - £240.00 - Save £60.00.

Stop Smoking in 3 sessions. This program addresses the causes and effects of smoking and provides tools to help you control the urges and break the habit. Normally - £225.00, special offer - £180.00.

Life Coaching in 4 sessions. Have you been waiting for the right moment to make radical changes to your life? I can help you allay the fears and anxiety AND coach you in the right direction. Normally - £400.00, special offer - £340.00 - Save £60.00.

For any other issues, I charge £60.00 per session (normally £75.00)

I am also running a 'Meditation & Mindfulness' introductory class on Thursday 1st. September from 7.00 - 8.00 p.m. This is a FREE class. I am planning to run regular weekly 'Meditation and Minfdfulness' classes starting 6th. October. Contact me to reserve your place.

To take advantage of these special offers, you need to contact me to book and pay in advance. Cheques, cash and all major credit cards are accepted. Ring 01360 449206 or

By masteryourworld, Jun 6 2016 02:26PM

I have had many requests to run my nine month Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Course but had declined as we were planning to move to France. However, that plan has been shelved for the moment, which leaves me with the opportunity to run this amazing course again.

The first weekend of training will be 10th/ 11th September 2016 and will run every four weeks, with a break at New Year, and finish on 30th April.

The Kerinsian School of Hypnotherapy and EFT is a recognised teaching establishment and offers qualifications through The NCH (The National Council for Hypnotherapists).

During the course, not only will you learn about hypnosis and how to use it, but you will move your Personal and Spiritual Development to a whole new level. You will find yourself thinking in a different way and begin to solve your own issues in a calm, objective and clear way. You will learn about how the human mind works and how you can help others to make radical and lasting changes to their lives. This, to me, is the best part of what I do. I love the feeling I get when I get a positive response from a client. I love to make a difference and improve the lives of others - and get paid for doing what I love doing. Who wouldn't want that?

In the past, I have had students who were care workers, nurses, counsellors, alternative therapists, teachers and house makers among others. Basically, the course is aimed at those with average intelligence but a sense of curiousity and fun. Some students aim to set up a new busines or add to their existing therapy business. Others aim to use it in their place of employment or at home. Others still are looking to use it as a way of expanding their minds and improving their own lives. My aim is to enable you to become a better person and qualified Hypnotherapist by opening your mind to a range of strategies and ideas that may challenge your existing beliefs but will definitely leave you in a better, more mind expansive place.

If this is something that you would to be part of, then contact me -

For more information go to:

Places are limited, so ACT NOW!

By masteryourworld, May 9 2016 11:40PM

On Sunday 15th. May we will be gathering to have a day of learning, personal development and fun.

Learn how to use EFT to eliminate phobias, fear, stress, allergies etc. without fuss or pain. Grab a last minute opportunity to register for my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) level 1 course in Dundee .

Places are limited, so if you were thinking of joining us, act now. Go to: to book your place.

By masteryourworld, Apr 23 2016 03:51PM

We all have heard of Positive and Negative Stress. I have been reading about the need for us to experience stress - whether it is 'Positive' or 'Negative stress. When we experience stress, our body produces Cortisol which enables us to cope or handle the situation. But what I have just learned is this:

When we produce Cortisol our brain is forced to find new pathways to manage the stress. These are called neural pathways. This is good, as it is similar to exercising muscles in our body, our brain is being exercised, which helps reduce the risk of developing Dementia and other brain disfunctions. Apparently, it also slows down the aging process. I quite like that bit.

Relaxation, on the other hand, is vital to producing Serotonin which contributes to our happiness and well-being. Relaxation also promotes healing - both body and mind. This used to be called 'Convalescence'. When I was a kid my Grandfather was admitted to a Convalescent Home in order to recover from an operation. They don't seem to have any of them anymore - I wonder why?

So, the answer to maintaining a healthy mind and body is to exercise both and then relax both. This is part of the process called 'Mindfulness'. Keeping our bodies and minds healthy and exercised helps us to become more self aware and ultimately happier. Try it - it works.

By masteryourworld, Apr 18 2016 03:56PM

My topic this week is about 'Forgiveness'. We cannot fully heal from a negative situation without learning to forgive the offending party - "easier said than done", I hear you say . If you have been hurt by someone, the question that's worth asking is - " who am I hurting more by remaining in a place of non-forgiveness"? Very often, our pride or Ego is bruised and we feel that we will never forgive. But holding on to hurt is only continuing to hurt you - not the offender. Whoever has offended you is busy getting on with their lives and probably not even thinking about you or your feelings.

Whenever I have a client who finds it difficult to forgive, I ask "If you are not ready to forgive now, would you be willing to forgive some time in the future"? If the answer is 'Yes', I then ask " when might you be ready and why do you need to wait until then"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to forgive AND forget. You don't have to forget what happened, you only need to forgive, let go and learn from the experience. Forgiving someone for doing something that may have really damaged or hurt you in some way is - in my opinion - the greatest act of compassion and love you can offer that person. Also, by forgiving, you are also forgiving yourself - and that is a great healing tool that you already possess. Remember - LOVE is FORGIVING or LOVE IS FOR GIVING - you decide. Both work for me.

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