Bill Kerins 

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As a Life Coach and Therapist, I believe that the intention of the client is paramount to making positive changes.  No one will change unless they intend to.  As a therapist, my intention is to help in every way I can, without allowing my ego to get in the way. By changing I mean, clearing or removing emotional and psychological blocks that might be preventing you from reaching your true potential.  It would a shame to reach the end of your life, look back and regret - that to me, is a waste of a good life.


I am a board certified member and Certified Instructor with The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and Hypnotherapy Supervisor.


I am a qualified Master Mind Factor Sports Coach.  


I am also a qualified teacher of Hypnotherapy and Meridian Therapy. In my work, the keywords I use are 'Intention' and 'Rapport'.

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Rapport between myself and my client is another vital element to successful change.  If there is little or no rapport, then the task is made more difficult.


I always aim to relax the client using Irish charm and humour to develop a relationship of trust and understanding.


I consider it a privilege to be blessed with skills and knowledge to help people improve their lives.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to check me out.  I think it is important to know your therapist or teacher in some way before embarking on what may be a time of major changes in your life.


I am Irish and have worked in the UK since 1989, teaching and counselling many people of all denominations, cultures and beliefs.


My original career was in the aircraft industry as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer until I realised that I was more of a 'People' person than a 'Things' person.


I began the process of learning about 'ME' and then shared that learning with anyone willing to listen.  I found - and still find - that there are a great number of people who are so focussed on getting by on a day to day basis, that they can't or don't find time to investigate and follow their dreams. I find this to be very sad.